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January 23, 2008

Revolution for non-revolutionaries (or How to change society without having to negotiate with authorities)

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First of all, when I speak of society, I don’t refer to a concrete social construction on some level above or beyond the individual, but merely an idea; an abstract mental construction which can be reformed, deformed, re-deformed etc in any way you want it to — ergo, the map is the territory. The orders and bureaucracy show up when the vast majority accepts the idea that the so called authorities (who also are an inter-changeable idea) give them, without creating their own. The moment you change your idea of society, society instantly changes one way or another. Only for you though, but isn’t that what matters? This can be applied in some sense to every single authority, law, power structure etc that you find. This is of course how the “revolution” happens. As you maybe know, the age of the Aftermath, where you’re free to play with order and disorder however you like, comes after the age of Bureaucracy. How to get there, however, isn’t as hard as you may think. It isn’t some organized, utopian anarcho-revolution (and I hope you see the obvious contradiction in “organized anarchism”); it is merely part of the HEAD revolution — the illumining revolution of the mind. Change your idea of society from a bureaucratic one to a chaotic one, and the Aftermath comes almost instantly. For you, that is. When a vast majority does the same — with all there is to it; denying rules and authorities, breaking down their conditioned dogmas and belief systems etc — the Aftermath really “is” here. But then again, what’s the whole deal with “is” anyway?



  1. The mind is all there is. Change the mind; change the world. Change the minds of others, change the worlds of others.

    Comment by Pope Eggs Benedict Arold — January 24, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

  2. Right on! TRANSFORM! Well as you can see there are SOCIAL CONVENTIONS! Sometimes they are VIOLENTLY BROKEN! Sometimes they are only broken in SUBTLE WAYS! They continue to ESTABLISH REALITY!

    Reality is mostly established for people not just based on INPUT but based on how that input relates to needs. That is, people decide how to relate to the world by choosing a way to relate to the world which is profitable for them. That is, they do what feels good. Oh oh humans. Oh oh you groooovy groovy monkeys. They do what feels good. That’s not simple at all. What feels good, for people, usually, religiously especially, is what people are doing around them.

    They belong to a context then. They matter then. Discordianism DOES NOT CHANGE people who experience it out of context. NOTHING does. Christian missionaries have MINIMAL impact upon the beliefs of people they encounter, certainly until they CONVERT them. People form groups, and they DRIVE THEIR BELIEFS TOGETHER down those groups. People express to each other in little knots. People enjoy each other’s company. That’s basically what it is. And they don’t realize that most of that time is devoted to establishing a reality together.

    You could of course abandon whatever you were paying attention to before and establish your reality based on what I’m saying right now. I and everyone else you’ve ever met are tremendous reality establishers. You’re always vulnerable. We’re just sitting around being established, all the time. But am I offering you any reward? Are you going to bite, reality-fish? No, probably not. The people who are capable of feeding you a reality are the people who are near you, who satisfy you, who mundanely exist with you. Corridors. Mirrors.

    Oh! BTW! I’m starting a new religion: Dysnomianism. It’s a word!

    Comment by pope salmon the lesser mungojelly — January 26, 2008 @ 6:47 am

  3. Maui says : I absolutely agree with this !

    Comment by Maui — May 28, 2008 @ 8:06 pm

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